nForce2 Soundstorm on 5.2.1 Release

jason jason at
Sun Apr 11 09:54:33 PDT 2004

Casey wrote:

> Hello,
>    I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard, which has a nVidia 
> Soundstorm audio chipset on it.  However, I can't seem to get this 
> chipset to detect in 5.2.1 Release, no matter what I try.  Being 
> relatively new to FreeBsd, I don't really know that many ways to go 
> about trying to get it to detect.  I was hoping someone out there 
> might be able to tell me something to try, or at least confirm for me 
> that this chipset doesn't currently have a driver that works, so I can 
> stop banging my head against the wall.
> Also, on a completely unrelated note, how do you get the mouse scroll 
> wheel to work?  I've got a Microsoft Optical mouse(PS/2) and while I 
> can use the wheel as a middle button, the scroll function doesn't seem 
> to help.
>    Thank you
>      Casey
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You need the snd_ich.ko and snd_pcm.ko modules to load.  As root do 
kldload snd_ich.ko, repeat till finished.  Use kldstat to see what is 
loaded.  To have them autoload add these to /boot/loader.conf as 
snd_ich.ko_load="YES" and snd_pcm.ko_load="YES".  I have the epox 
8rda3i, it has hardware sournd but I am not sure if it is official 
soundstorm or not.

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