Future of FreeBSD

Robert Downes nullentropy at lineone.net
Sun Apr 11 00:51:23 PDT 2004

On your site, you talk about what you hope to achieve if you reach the 
required funding level.

Could you, for those such as myself, explain in 
'I'm-a-web-dev-and-I-call-myself-a-tech-guy-the-damn-cheek' terms 
(that's one step above layman's terms) what some of the infrastructure 
improvements mean.

Such as: what is the "Giant" lock?

(I have read the section in your 'really long version', but, well... I'm 
a web-dev. I can write you a nice, standards-compliant website, but I 
don't have a clue what all the serious terms in your document mean. I 
did teach myself C when I was fourteen, but found little use for it at 
school, and it rusted away.)

Just a few paragraphs on the current problems and potential results 
would be very interesting.
Bob (number 25)

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