Future of FreeBSD

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Sat Apr 10 07:57:30 PDT 2004

At 15:23 10/04/2004, Michael W. Oliver wrote:
>On 2004-04-10T13:09:29+0200, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> Imagine if some of our users sent $1/month for each FreeBSD machine
>> they were running.
>Ok, I will send in $5/month for each machine that I have running
>FreeBSD.  Can you verify for me that the FreeBSD Foundation is the
>proper recipient for this donation?

  The FreeBSD Foundation is *a* proper recipient; whether it is *the*
proper recipient depends upon your intention.  The Foundation gets
work done which they think is important; their views may or may not
align with yours, and you certainly won't be able to point to anything
and say "my money paid for that".
  If I had money to donate (which I don't!) I'd probably buy items from
the FreeBSD Developer "Want List" and/or pay committers directly; but
that's entirely a personal preference.

  (As a side note: RedHat charged people $60/year for access to their
binary update service; I've been providing binary updates to FreeBSD
for the past year, and I'm averaging about $0.30 per user so far --
and all but $10 of that was in response to a targetted drive for money
so that I could buy hardware for building said updates.)

Colin Percival

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