"sleeping without a mutex" panic with FixitCD from today's SNAP

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Sat Apr 10 08:09:01 PDT 2004

Cordula's Web wrote:
>>Trying to boot freshly compiled (via current-on-stable vay, mostly described in
>>-current LiveFS CD on three different machines (all i686-like, from AMD Duron
>>600 on VIA KT133 to AthlonXP 2k+ on nVidia nForce2; all with ATACI CD/DVD) I
>>got 100% reproducible ddb panic after mounting CD with "Fixit" menu item:
>>panic: sleeping without a mutex
>>at line 144 in file /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_synch.c
> Same here, while trying to upgrade from 5.2.1-RELEASE to yesterday's
> and today's -CURRENT. It happens here:
> # make installkernel KERNCONF=GENERIC
> # reboot   (in single user mode)
> # mount -a 
> # mergemaster -p
> # make installworld
> <panic: sleeping without a mutex
> at line 144 in file /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_synch.c>
> The panic is 100% reproducible.

Providing a backtrace from the debugger here is very important.  Any
chance that you could do that?


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