Need to trim the disc1 packages

Julian St. der_julian at
Sun Nov 30 13:20:22 PST 2003

> - IMO, Don't include netscape, mozilla or opera. KDE includes
> Konqueror and GNOME has Nautilus(1/2). That's enough to get someone up
> and running and let them get to to see how to install
> something else.

I do use neither KDE nor GNOME. At least keep one mozilla (or Opera, it
doesn't matter). The Linux binaries could be dropped on disc1, though.
But I just realise that I install over FTP most of the time anyway...

> - I'd say (x)emacs could go as well. However, a lot of people learning
> UNIX use this as their first "real" (aka powerful) editor (sorry
> PiCo/nEdit just can't compare). I personally like vi/vim/gvim so I
> might be biased.

I think people expect to see (X)Emacs on an install disc of a unix-like

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