Need to trim the disc1 packages

Ryan ryans at
Sat Nov 29 21:04:06 PST 2003

Kris Kennaway said:
> Please make concrete suggestions by looking at the
> print-cdrom-packages script and the sizes of the packages on
> Kris

My recommendations to remove:
 ; Why are there 2 TCL packages? tcl-8.4.4_1,1 is also included, keep the
> one.
xpdf-2.03 or acroread-5.08

- I'd say get rid of the big boys like GNOME and KDE. I'd say keep one or
the other but that might cause a political battle. The only other option
is both or none.

- Why is gimp on the CD anyway? That doesn't really seem like an app you
need to get a system up and running.

- I'm guessing the 2 TCLs are included because some apps aren't compatible
with one or need the other.

- IMO, Don't include netscape, mozilla or opera. KDE includes Konqueror
and GNOME has Nautilus(1/2). That's enough to get someone up and running
and let them get to to see how to install something else.

- I know this is going to cause a lot of flames but I'd say get rid of all
the WMs except for something that will run fine on a 486. That gives
people a package to get X working on a low-end system. The rest can be
retrieved from ports/package distributions or the other CDs. They aren't
taking up much space, but the bytes all add up.

- I'd say (x)emacs could go as well. However, a lot of people learning
UNIX use this as their first "real" (aka powerful) editor (sorry
PiCo/nEdit just can't compare). I personally like vi/vim/gvim so I might
be biased.

- Is there some reason 2 PDF apps need to be on the first CD?

Personally, I've always just installed the bare essentials to get a
bootable system with the ports tree and cvsup. Anything else I build the
latest port of. For that reason I might be biased when it comes to all the
X apps and window managers. However, you have to admit, KDE and GNOME
probably hog most of the CD.

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