Western Digital WD360GD SATA disk on -CURRENT

Soren Schmidt sos at spider.deepcore.dk
Sun Nov 30 00:50:56 PST 2003

It seems Will Andrews wrote:
> Yeah, that's what I figured.  When I looked at the change, the
> fix only appears to affect rev 0x00, but my SiI3112A is 0x02.  :(

The errata should be fixed in rev 2 silicon.

> Well, I can tell you that people aren't gonna be happy when their
> brand new motherboard that comes with SiI SATA builtin doesn't
> work with their SATA disks (or well, just this one?).  Since
> SiI's are so cheap (and fairly common), I'd consider this a
> showstopper as far as SATA goes.
> This thing used to work, it should be fixed.  Besides, I simply
> don't have the money to spend on another SATA controller for my
> main workstation just so it can run up-to-date -CURRENT.  :(

I have two Sii3112 here (old and new) and both work dandy in all the
possible configs I can imagine (and have HW for). So unless someone
with problematic HW does some legwork to find out what fails, there
isn't much I can do actually..


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