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T Kellers kellers at
Sat Nov 29 15:28:05 PST 2003

On Friday 28 November 2003 11:41 pm, T Kellers wrote:

> Thanks,
> I'll try disabling ACPI in device.hints, tomorrow.
> When I first upgraded from 5.1-RELEASE to 5.2-BETA on Monday, I had to
> disable ACPI on the FreeBSD text startup menu or the laptop wouldn't talk
> network with anything.  Although an nmap from a remote machine said that
> ssh and ftp ports were open, I couldn't ftp or ssh to or from the machine
> with the default boot (number 1) selection.  Another cvs update and
> buildkernel/ buildworld seems to have corrected the problem. 
> Unfortunately, I didn't install the KDE stuff until after the 5.2-BETA
> upgrade, so I don't know if the /dev/dsp issue was there with 5.1-RELEASE.
> Please let me know if you encounter similar wierdness after you do the
> 5.2-BETA upgrade.
> Thanks
> Tim Kellers

After fighting with the laptop for about an hour this morning before class, I 
decided to wipe out the FreeBSD slice and start over with 5.1-RELEASE.  After 
that install and subsequent kernel build/install with device pcm, not only 
didn't I have any pcm line in my dmesg, but I didn't have any snd_maestro3.ko 
entries in /boot/kernel.  Just to make sure I wasn't dealing with a dead 
maestro3, I booted into XP and, sure enough, the sound worked.

I nuked /usr/src and /usr/obj, cvsupped the sources and the buildworld && 
buildkernel && installkernel is proceeding as I type this.  If this doesn't 
work --and confidence is low-- I'm pretty near stumped.  There is no 
difference in hardware (or BIOS settings) from the identical laptop running 

Ideas, suggesstions, rants  welcome.

Tim Kellers

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