5.2-BETA and related ports issues

Christian Laursen xi at borderworlds.dk
Fri Nov 28 08:04:22 PST 2003

"Michael L. Squires" <mikes at siralan.org> writes:

> On both systems I'm running postgreSQL7 from ports.  In both cases the
> pgctl (the startup script) is called twice, and obviously it fails the
> second time.  It is called both by /etc/rc.d/localdaemons and by 
> /etc/rc.d/localpkg.  I haven't looked any deeper than that, yet.
> On the portable the IP number, netmask, and router address are set in
> /etc/rc.conf.  Both /etc/rc.d/netoptions and /etc/rc.d/network3 appear
> to be execuring (I see 'Additional TCP options:" twice) and one of them
> is trying to reset the router address set by rc.conf, resulting in an
> error.

There is an item in UPGRADING that explains this:

        The following rc.d scripts have been removed and should be
        deleted from your installation: atm2.sh atm3.sh devdb
        localdaemons network1 network2 network3. Depending on when
        you last updated world and used mergemaster(8) you may or
        may not have problems during the rc boot sequence. The simplest
        solution is an 'rm -rf /etc/rc.d/*' and then 'mergemaster -i'.
        The atm2.sh atm3.sh and devdb scripts were removed some time
        ago, so depending on when you installed -CURRENT these scripts
        may or may not exist on your system.

Best regards
    Christian Laursen

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