5.2-BETA and related ports issues

Michael L. Squires mikes at siralan.org
Fri Nov 28 07:53:35 PST 2003

Things are actually looking pretty good at this point; I'm probably going
to move from 4.9-STABLE to 5.2-RELEASE on my main home server, but I'm
seeing the following with 5.2-BETA at this point:

I'm running 5.2-BETA cvsup'd at about 9 PM 11/25 on two systems; one is
a Supermicro P6DGH, dual PIII/850, SCSI disks, Compaq/Intel Pro100+ NIC;
the other is a Toshiba 8100 Tecra using the built-in 3Com 10/100 port
in the docking station (xl driver).

The P6DGH is running netatalk with the (apparently) as yet uncommitted
patch to the netatalk kernel interface, which appears to be running fine.

I am not seeing any IP lockups (just finished a buildword/buildkernel/
installkernel/installword cycle with the portable NFS mounting the

The following appeared before 5.2-BETA but are continuing with that version.

On the portable I'm getting the following lock order reversal:

Nov 28 10:32:33 mikes-port kernel: lock order reversal
Nov 28 10:32:33 mikes-port kernel: 1st 0xc340eb00 pcm0 (sound softc) @ /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pci/ds1.c:734
Nov 28 10:32:33 mikes-port kernel: 2nd 0xc340e740 pcm0:play:0 (pcm channel) @ /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/channel.c:440
Nov 28 10:32:33 mikes-port kernel: Stack backtrace:

The related parts of dmesg are as follows (an improvement from 5.1-CURRENT,
where the AC97 driver didn't load):

pcm0: <Yamaha DS-1E (YMF744)> port 0xbf3c-0xbf3f,0xbf40-0xbf7f mem 0xefdf8000-0x
efdfffff irq 11 at device 12.0 on pci0
ds1: setmap (226000, 3de4), nseg=1, error=0
pcm0: <Unknown AC97 Codec (id = 0x414b4d05)>
pcm0: Codec features headphone, 18 bit DAC, 18 bit ADC, 5 bit master volume, AKM
 3D Audio
pcm0: Primary codec extended features variable rate PCM, AMAP
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 135db000, 1000; 0xc3407000 -> 135db000
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 13579000, 1000; 0xc3405000 -> 13579000
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 13134000, 1000; 0xc3400000 -> 13134000
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 134b2000, 1000; 0xc341e000 -> 134b2000
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 134d0000, 1000; 0xc341c000 -> 134d0000
pcm0: sndbuf_setmap 1348e000, 1000; 0xc341a000 -> 1348e000

postgreSQL startup called twice

On both systems I'm running postgreSQL7 from ports.  In both cases the
pgctl (the startup script) is called twice, and obviously it fails the
second time.  It is called both by /etc/rc.d/localdaemons and by 
/etc/rc.d/localpkg.  I haven't looked any deeper than that, yet.

On the portable the IP number, netmask, and router address are set in
/etc/rc.conf.  Both /etc/rc.d/netoptions and /etc/rc.d/network3 appear
to be execuring (I see 'Additional TCP options:" twice) and one of them
is trying to reset the router address set by rc.conf, resulting in an

The plus side is that a lot of the ACPI errors I used to get on the
admittedly wierd P6DGH (11 PCI slots, onboard I2O, etc) have gone away.

I'm not adding anything else at this point, since I don't know if these have
been already reported (or fixed), but I can provide other info if necessary.

Mike Squires
UN*X at home
since 1986

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