40% slowdown with dynamic /bin/sh

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 26 03:02:16 PST 2003

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 2:48 PM -0800 2003/11/25, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> >              What I am advocating is that FreeBSD-5 not marginalize and
> >      restrict (make less flexible) basic infrastructure in order to get other
> >      infrastructure working.
>         If you've got working, debugged code that works in the manner you
> are espousing, and still achieves the same goal of making NSS and PAM
> work everywhere, I'm sure we'd all love to see it.
>         In the absence of any code contribution to the contrary, I see no
> alternative than the method that has been selected.  Sure, it's not
> great.  Sure, it's slower (more or less, depending on which
> benchmarks you believe).

I don't know what Matt is planning on delivering, but...


	lookupd is included with the Darwin project and is
	documented online in Apple's Support database and
	as part of Mac OS X and Darwin in the form of "man"

FreeBSD has also been offered, at least three times, similar proxy
code from two universities, under BSD license.

I think the ball is in the court of the people asking "Where is
the code?" to take the code which has been made available, and
commit it.

Lest this be considered advocacy, let me emphasize that I think it
is not the canonically correct approach to do this.

FWIW, my personal presference is a libdlopen that can be linked
statically.  I've explained how to make one three times, have
offered my own prototype code (which requires GCC modifications
to constructor parameter lists in the generated code, for C++ to
continue working), and an European fellow posted an implementation
that, while it didn't add full functionality, was good enough to
enable writing PAM and NSS modules, at least, even though it would
not permit a satically linked JRE to run JNI modules.

-- Terry

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