em0 on install

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Nov 23 21:52:56 PST 2003

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>>> trying to install using the 5.1-release mini cd and em0.  it seems not
>>> to dhcp (looked with tcpdump) despite my saying Yes (and no to ipv6).
>>> am i missing a clue?
>> Not plugged in to a Cisco switch, are you?
> gawd no!  you would even suggest such a thing in public?  sheesh! :-)
> this is a thinkpad t40p.  4.9-release cdrom boots through to em0
> media just fine, and i just retested that assertion without moving
> any wires etc.
> i tried booting wigh acpi off.  no change.
> it stalls scanning for dhcp servers, which do exist, and then puts
> up the NetworkConfiguration menu.  if i say no to dhcp and hand
> configure, no packets leave the interface.

when cdrom boot gives you chuckie's boot menu, choose the loader
prompt (7).  then tell it

    OK hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range="1"
    OK boot

to let the boot continue.


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