panic: probing for non-PCI bus

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Nov 20 11:30:09 PST 2003

On 20-Nov-2003 Morten Rodal wrote:
> John Baldwin wrote:
>> acpu_cpu is not the same thing as CPUs listed in the MADT.  If
>> there is no MADT, then FreeBSD won't find any APICs and won't be
>> able to trust ACPI PCI interrupt routing.  In fact, ACPI will still
>> be trying to route interrupts to the ATPICS, and not to the APICs if
>> the MADT isn't found and used.
> So I *MUST* run without ACPI?  (Not that much of a loss, since I'm not 
> using to anything, other than having to push the powerbutton and having 
> the computer safely shut down)  Hopefully there isn't many hardware 
> vendors that have such a bogus ACPI implementation.

Well, for now you must.  I intend to fix the priorities of the
drivers so that for your case the mptable PCI bridge drivers
will be used instead of ACPI, and thus you can still use the
rest of ACPI and it will just work out of the box.


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