panic: probing for non-PCI bus

Morten Rodal morten at
Thu Nov 20 08:56:10 PST 2003

John Baldwin wrote:
> acpu_cpu is not the same thing as CPUs listed in the MADT.  If
> there is no MADT, then FreeBSD won't find any APICs and won't be
> able to trust ACPI PCI interrupt routing.  In fact, ACPI will still
> be trying to route interrupts to the ATPICS, and not to the APICs if
> the MADT isn't found and used.

So I *MUST* run without ACPI?  (Not that much of a loss, since I'm not 
using to anything, other than having to push the powerbutton and having 
the computer safely shut down)  Hopefully there isn't many hardware 
vendors that have such a bogus ACPI implementation.

Morten Rodal

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