kernel panic trying to utilize a da(4)/umass(4) device with ohci(4)

Dag-ErlingSmørgrav des at
Thu Nov 20 00:20:18 PST 2003

"Brian F. Feldman" <green at> writes:
> Jeez, it's been broken a year and it's almost 5.2-RELEASE now.  Does anyone 
> have ANY leads on these problems?  I know precisely nothing about how my USB 
> hardware is supposed to work, but this OHCI+EHCI stuff definitely doesn't, 
> and it's really not uncommon at all.  Is it unbroken in NetBSD currently?

*shrug* I have never been able to get my USB printer to work with
FreeBSD, and I gave up writing drivers for USB crypto tokens because
the USB drivers were too broken (reading any amount of data from the
ugen device returns garbage with no error message and no indication of
the actual amount of data obtained from the device).  Neither could I
get anybody with USB clue interested in the problem long enough to
actually try to fix it.  In conclusion, I simply don't consider
FreeBSD's USB support usable for anything more complex than mice and

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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