list of wellknown LORs ?

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Wed Nov 19 14:13:16 PST 2003


is anybody involved in fixing perhaps going to put up a site with all the
wellknown LORs and perhaps a state (like: work in progress (by ...),
ingorable, ...).

I have seen three the last minutes where at least two seem to be known
when grepping through my mailing lists archives and one of those two
has a promised fix with upcoming chnages...

wouldn't it be good to have one resource for overall status and may
reduce noice ?

lock order reversal
 1st 0xc3a23090 rtentry (rtentry) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/net/rtsock.c:389
 2nd 0xc396587c radix node head (radix node head) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/net/route.c:1114

"go away with forthcoming changes" (sam, current@ 2003-11-xx)

lock order reversal
 1st 0xc3a368f8 inp (inp) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/netinet/tcp_usrreq.c:363
 2nd 0xc063b4ac div (div) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/netinet/ip_divert.c:238

+ fix available ?

lock order reversal
 1st 0xc063b580 IPFW dynamic rules (IPFW dynamic rules) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/netinet/ip_fw2.c:2934
 2nd 0xc063b548 IPFW static rules (IPFW static rules) @ HEAD/compile-20031119-1814/sys/netinet/ip_fw2.c:1586
Stack backtrace:
backtrace(1,0,ffffffff,c06155f0,c0615618) at backtrace+0x12
witness_lock(c063b548,8,c05cf951,632,c063b548) at witness_lock+0x534
_mtx_lock_flags(c063b548,0,c05cf951,632) at _mtx_lock_flags+0x7f
ipfw_chk(c9b4ac0c,0,c9b4abb4,c04ba25c,c0615870) at ipfw_chk+0x28e
ip_output(c2f8f600,0,0,0,0) at ip_output+0x9f3
send_pkt(c3b1a91c,e2e48f46,1a0e0dd3,2,e) at send_pkt+0x13c
ipfw_tick(0) at ipfw_tick+0xae
softclock(0) at softclock+0x176
ithread_loop(c2f6d580,c9b4ad48,c2f6d580,c048ab00,0) at ithread_loop+0x12b
fork_exit(c048ab00,c2f6d580,c9b4ad48) at fork_exit+0x90
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
--- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xc9b4ad7c, ebp = 0 ---

unknown ???

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