ppp RADIUS accounting bug

Michael Bretterklieber mbretter at a-quadrat.at
Tue Nov 18 23:55:46 PST 2003


On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Boris Kovalenko wrote:
> Hello!
>     Yes, unsigned, so we have 4G limit, which may simple be overflowed
> by (for example) PPPoE connection. Yes, RADIUS standard defines new
> attributes for big words, but current PPP does not supports it (it, so
> our knowledge about RFC is useless :) Again, rad_put_int defined
> u_int32_t parameter, so if a have dowloaded 4.5G (for example) what
> number will send to radius?
How about sending periodic RADIUS accounting updates?

After each accounting update the counters could be reset, but I'm not sure
whether this is RFC compliant, i.e. whether allways the complete value has
to be send or whether the counters could be reset, after each update.

For Mpd we implemented it without resetting the counters, but maybe that's
not 100% right.

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