ppp RADIUS accounting bug

Boris Kovalenko boris at ntmk.ru
Tue Nov 18 23:38:42 PST 2003


    Yes, unsigned, so we have 4G limit, which may simple be overflowed 
by (for example) PPPoE connection. Yes, RADIUS standard defines new 
attributes for big words, but current PPP does not supports it (it, so 
our knowledge about RFC is useless :) Again, rad_put_int defined 
u_int32_t parameter, so if a have dowloaded 4.5G (for example) what 
number will send to radius?


Barney Wolff wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 09:00:01AM +0500, Boris Kovalenko wrote:
>>   I found a serious bug in RADIUS accounting code. The problem is that
>>OctetsIn and OctetsOut are defined as unsingned long long, but the 
>>RADIUS supports only INT32 values, so, when
>>we're doing rad_put_int(r->cx.rad, RAD_ACCT_OUTPUT_OCTETS, 
>>stats->OctetsOut) in radius.c for OctetsOut (and OctetsIn also) we 
>>loosing information if OctetsOut is greater then INT32_MAX. This should 
>>be fixed.
>Note that RADIUS integers are unsigned, so the limit is 2^32-1.
>Also, RFC2869 defines attributes to hold the high-order parts.

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