hard lock-up writing to tape

Mike Durian durian at boogie.com
Tue Nov 18 16:15:23 PST 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 04:41 pm, Mike Durian wrote:
> I was finally able to get some partial success by setting flag 0x30
> for sio1.  When I'd boot, I'd get console messages on my remote
> tip session.  However, I'd only receive those messages printed
> from user-level applications.  I would not see any of the bold-face
> messages from the kernel.

I'm still stumbling with the remote serial console.  Can someone
who does this often test and verify they can use COM2 as the
serial console - and then tell me what you did.

The best I can manage is described above and then I get neither
the bold kernel messages nor the debugger prompt.


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