hard lock-up writing to tape

Mike Durian durian at boogie.com
Mon Nov 17 15:41:59 PST 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 02:09 pm, Doug White wrote:
> Set flag 0x80 on sio1 and take it off of sio0. Thats what the kernel uses
> to decide which port to use.  The BOOT_COMCONSOLE_PORT is used by loader
> only.

I was finally able to get some partial success by setting flag 0x30
for sio1.  When I'd boot, I'd get console messages on my remote
tip session.  However, I'd only receive those messages printed
from user-level applications.  I would not see any of the bold-face
messages from the kernel.

I tried dropping into the kernel debugger when the machine was not
hung.  The machine would immediately become unresponsive, as you'd
expect if it was stopped in the debugger, but I never got any
prompt on the serial console.  I couldn't type another on the
serial console to make anything happen either.

Are there some hard-coded assumptions in the kernel that force
a remote serial console to only work on sio0?

Until I can get this working, I'm not going to be much help
providing the trace backs needed to debug the tape write lock-up.


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