Still getting NFS client locking up

Tim Middleton x at Vex.Net
Wed Nov 12 14:38:25 PST 2003

On November 11, 2003 11:36 pm, Janet Sullivan wrote:
> So far I only have problems in a mixed -STABLE/-CURRENT environment.
> When the client & server are both -CURRENT I haven't had any problems.

I just installed another -STABLE box to see if keeping them both -STABLE 
helps. I haven't really tested the NFS yet as I didn't want to risk locking 
the box up in the middle of a buildworld. 

So i just mounted the NFS drive on the new test box and left it.... 
Within an hour the NFS server box doing the build world was locked up solid. I 
can't say if it was NFS mount related or not; nfsd wasn't really doing 
anything. Doesn't seem like it would have been. Beginning to wonder if it is 
some strange hardware problem on this box; which coincidentally only shows up 
when there's an nfs mount! But that doesn't explain why my normally rock 
solid desktop system tanked when being tested as an NFS client to that STABLE 
box. Hmmm... 

Back to testing.  I'm doing heavy disk I/O tests without any NFS mounts now. 
If they go okay, back to the NFS mounting and testing...

It seems to me there is something desperately wrong with NFS is mixing 
-CURRENT and -STABLE NFS server/clients causes either side (in my case both 
sides) to lock up solid. I mean, problems are problems... but solid lockups 
with no crash messages or anything is ... nasty.

> Are the folks seeing hangs getting any kind of console error messages?

I see nothing. My server is completely locks up. Nothing responds. The drive 
light (the times i've noticed) is frozen "on". On my desktop box the mouse is 
dead as well. 

> I don't see anything - performance just tanks to the point of being
> unusable.

When testing with my desktop box as client, i noticed just before or just when 
the NFS locked up the mouse and keyboard response would be very erratic ... 
slow and jerky. 

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