Intel 865 probs

Jaco H. van Tonder freebsd-questions at
Wed Nov 12 08:23:10 PST 2003


>Having lots of probs with a machine based on an Intel 865 motherboard.
>Any pointers? Please let me know if you need more info. It seems to run
>OK unless userland ppp is invoked, after which it falls over within
>about 30 minutes. External ISDN TA connected to cuaa0 stopped
>functioning after a couple of days' operation. New TA installed, sources
>updated, world and kernel built and installed.

For what its worth, I had a lot of problems on the I865P board, and It
boiled down to memory corruption.
The machine had lots of "random" crashes, meanng that they were not occuring
when I do something specific.
The machine startted to panic as soon as the load got high.
I took out the memory, and placed it into another slot and the machine is
cruising along happily now.

The other questions is what is the date of the -CURRENT tree that is giving
this problems? I can recall quite a few problems, which were fixed, that
could cause this problem.

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