small regression in cbb and a confusion with rl driver

Sven Petai hadara at
Fri Nov 7 06:51:43 PST 2003


I upgraded my laptop (compaq Evo n1020V) from 5.1 beta to recent current few 
days ago. I noticed two regressions and hunted down commits that introduced 

the first one is that my keyboard doesn't respond before single user mode if I 
reboot fBSD, so I can't break into loader.. it works fine when doing cold 
boot though.
this bug is introduced by the version 1.86 of the file
my cbb is recognized as 
cbb0: <TI4410 PCI-CardBus Bridge> mem 0xffbfe000-0xffbfefff irq 10 at device 
10.0 on pci0
cbb0: Found memory at ffbfe000
full dmesg is available @

the second regression seemed to be the fact that my built in network card that 
uses realtek chip wasn't found anymore by rl driver but it turned out to be 
not a regression after all.
After doing exhaustive binary search I traced it down to commit that separated 
support for 8139C+ into re driver. Wouldn't it be nice if it were mentioned 
in the UPDATING file too so everyone doesn't have to find it out the hard 
way :-) ?
OTOH it seems to be very rare chip and probably only 2-3 fBSD users have it 
anyway so why bother...

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