FYI: Scalability update

Pedro F. Giffuni giffunip at
Wed Nov 5 22:38:36 PST 2003

"[Nov 1 2003] I got an email suggesting that I re-check NetBSD. The results are
nothing short of astonishing. In two weeks time the NetBSD team made dramatic

socket: previously O(n), now O(1). 
bind: greatly improved, but still O(n). Much less steep, though. 
fork: a modest O(n) for dynamically linked programs, O(1) for statically
mmap: a bad O(n) before, now O(1) with a small O(n) shadow. 
touch after mmap: a bad strange graph in 1.6.1, a modest O(n) a week ago, now
http request latency: previously O(n), now O(1). 
Congratulations, NetBSD! NetBSD now has better scalability than FreeBSD. 

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