Nov 4 kernel broke my 115200 console.. and fix.

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Nov 5 14:56:50 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, othermark wrote:
> My machine was hard-locking with a kernel built from yesterday.  With boot
> -s, it freezes before you can hit return for the shell.  This is a fairly
> generic PIII machine with ATA hdd.  Booting with a keyboard and video
> attached works wonderfully, but is a pain in the ass with a machine that's
> supposed to be headless.
> This was working fine on the serial console before the interrupt and APIC_IO
> commits.
> It guess (*) I needed these in the kernel config, by adding
> options       SMP
> device        apic
> device        acpi

The key here is probably 'acpi'.  It is no longer built as a module, and
the loader has been fooled into not loading it.


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