Was: More ULE bugs fixed. Is: Mouse problem?

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Wed Nov 5 01:05:48 PST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 22:10:36 -0500 (EST), Jeff Roberson 
<jroberson at chesapeake.net> wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Eirik Oeverby wrote:
>> Eirik Oeverby wrote:
>> > Just for those interested:
>> > I do *not* get any messages at all from the kernel (or elsewhere) when
>> > my mouse goes haywire. And it's an absolute truth (just tested back 
>> and
>> > forth 8 times) that it *only* happens with SCHED_ULE and *only* with 
>> old
>> > versions (~1.50) and the very latest ones (1.75 as I'm currently
>> > running). 1.69 for instance did *not* show any such problems.
>> >
>> > I will, however, update my kernel again now, to get the latest
>> > sched_ule.c (if any changes have been made since 1.75) and to test 
>> with
>> > the new interrupt handler. I have a suspicion it might be a 
>> combination
>> > of SCHED_ULE and some signal/message/interrupt handling causing 
>> messages
>> > to get lost along the way. Because that's exactly how it feels...
>> Whee. Either the bump from sched_ule.c 1.75 to 1.77 changed something
>> back to the old status, or the new interrupt handling has had some major
>> influence.
>> All I can say is - wow. My system is now more responsive than ever, I
>> cannot (so far) reproduce any mouse jerkiness or bogus input or
>> anything, and things seem smoother.
>> As always I cannot guarantee that this report is not influenced by the
>> placebo effect, but I do feel that it's a very real improvement. The
>> fact that I can start VMWare, Firebird, Thunderbird, Gaim and gkrellm at
>> the same time without having *one* mouse hickup speaks for itself. I
>> couldn't even do that with ULE.
>> So Jeff or whoever did the interrupt stuff - what did you do?
> This is wonderful news.  I fixed a few bugs over the last couple of days.
> I'm not sure which one caused your problem.  I'm very pleased to hear 
> your
> report though.

This SCHED_ULE (1.78) rocks!

I don't get any mouse lag anymore in the 'cd /usr/src ; make clean ; make 
cleandir' and the beginner of 'portupgrade -ra'. I did the hard test; I 
have Gnome2, Opera 7 (linux version), several gvim, several gnome-terminal 
tabs, pan and even use totem to watch a movie (700mb) in full screen mode 
;-).. While watching the movie and it doesn't get lag that much only while 
unpack the large tarballs like mozilla. While the build and clean, it only 
has very very little lag like one to two time(s) but the rest are pretty 
smooth. The mouse doesn't get any lag at all.

Just let you know my experience with SCHED_ULE so far. In the command 
line, I can tell that I can 'feel' it's faster but I don't know about the 
real time (ie: benchmark).

It's better than SCHED_4BSD because I will get mouse lag if I do the same 
thing as above with SCHED_4BSD.

BTW: I don't use KSE because of Nvidia driver.


> Cheers,
> Jeff
>> /Eirik
>> >
>> > Greetings,
>> > /Eirik
>> >
>> > Morten Johansen wrote:
>> >
>> >> On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Sheldon Hearn wrote:
>> >>
>> >>> On (2003/11/04 09:29), Eirik Oeverby wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>> > The problem is two parts: The mouse tends to 'lock up' for brief
>> >>> moments
>> >>> > when the system is under load, in particular during heavy UI
>> >>> operations
>> >>> > or when doing compile jobs and such.
>> >>> > The second part of the problem is related, and is manifested by 
>> the
>> >>> > mouse actually making movements I never asked it to make.
>> >>>
>> >>> Wow, I just assumed it was a local problem.  I'm also seeing 
>> unrequested
>> >>> mouse movement, as if the signals from movements are repeated or
>> >>> amplified.
>> >>>
>> >>> The thing is, I'm using 4BSD, not ULE, so I wouldn't trouble Jeff to
>> >>> look for a cause for that specific problem in ULE.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Me too. Have had this problem since I got a "Intellimouse" PS/2
>> >> wheel-mouse. (It worked fine with previous mice (no wheel)).
>> >> With any scheduler in 5-CURRENT and even more frequent in 4-STABLE,
>> >> IIRC. Using moused or not doesn't make a difference.
>> >> Get these messages on console: "psmintr: out of sync", and the mouse
>> >> freezes then goes wild for a few seconds.
>> >> Can happen under load and sometimes when closing Mozilla (not often).
>> >> It could be related to the psm-driver. Or maybe I have a bad mouse, I
>> >> don't know.
>> >> I will try another mouse, but it does work perfectly in Linux and
>> >> Windogs...
>> >>
>> >> mj

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