if_tun failed to register

Matteo Riondato rionda at gufi.org
Tue Nov 4 06:27:01 PST 2003

Il Mar, 2003-11-04 alle 14:17, Antoine Jacoutot ha scritto:
> Max Laier wrote:
>  > AJ> ------------------------------------------------
>  > AJ> module_register: module if_tun already exists!
>  > AJ> Module if_tun failed to register: 17
>  > AJ> can't re-use a leaf (if_tun_debug)!
>  > AJ> ------------------------------------------------
>  >
> > AJ> Is there a kernel option I missed ? I already have "device tun" in
> > AJ> my kernel config file.
> > 
> > This might be due to missing/incomplete "mergemaster" after
> > installworld? Try to remove your rc.d related stuff from etc before
> > running "mergemaster -i". The scripts should not try to "kldload
> > if_tun" if you allready have tun interfaces (built in).
> Well, it did not change anything :(
> What is really strange is that "tun" is compiled in the kernel, but the 
> module is started anyway ???

I had the same problem last year and solved it by removing
device tun 
from the kernel configuration file.
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