if_tun failed to register

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Tue Nov 4 05:01:43 PST 2003

Hello Antoine,

Tuesday, November 4, 2003, 10:55:22 AM, you wrote:
AJ> I just migrated a 4.8 server to -CURRENT and I have one question.
AJ> At boot time I get the following message:

AJ> ------------------------------------------------
AJ> module_register: module if_tun already exists!
AJ> Module if_tun failed to register: 17
AJ> can't re-use a leaf (if_tun_debug)!
AJ> ------------------------------------------------

AJ> Then I can see a "if_tun.ko" in my loaded modules. What is this
AJ> module ? I guess this has to do with the fact that I connect to
AJ> the internet using ppp, but this module did not appear under 4.8.
AJ> Is there a kernel option I missed ? I already have "device tun" in
AJ> my kernel config file.

This might be due to missing/incomplete "mergemaster" after
installworld? Try to remove your rc.d related stuff from etc before
running "mergemaster -i". The scripts should not try to "kldload
if_tun" if you allready have tun interfaces (built in).

Best regards,
 Max                            mailto:max at love2party.net

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