UFS file system problem in either stable or current

Valentin Nechayev netch at netch.kiev.ua
Sun Nov 2 01:19:25 PST 2003

 Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 03:14:33, strick (Dan Strick) wrote about "UFS file system problem in either stable or current": 

DS> There seems to be an inconsistency between release 4.9-RC and 5.1 ufs
DS> support.  If I fsck the same ufs (type 1 of course) file system on
DS> both releases, each claims that the other has left incorrect
DS> summary data in the superblock.  Presumably only one can be correct.
DS> I just don't know which to blame.

Does this require explicit fsck?
I have dual-booting between 4.9-release (and all previous 4.* releases earlier)
and 5.1 (of 20030526) with shared disks and boot checking required in fstab;
sometimes one of them crash and forced checking is made; neither 4.* nor 5.1
claims superblock is bad.


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