problems with sysinstall

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at
Sat Nov 1 06:52:13 PST 2003

>>>Well, I understand it for slices. But why I can't create new partition
>>>in exist slice and newfs it? It was OK in -stable.
>>yes, this is a change to -current. It is for your own safety.
> My own safety?  I can down the system in a million ways, yet can't do
> what I actually want?  A major reason I got fed up with Windows (other
> than it not working right) was it's insistance of knowing what was best
> for me.  I hope FreeBSD doesn't fall down the same path.
> Or at least have a kernel option FOOT_SHOOTING, or something, that will
> disable all the helpful code protection people from themselves.

I agree, there should at least be some easy way to turn this behavior 
off.  Maybe a foot.shoot sysctl of some kind. ;-)

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