Sticky mouse with SCHED_ULE 10-30-03

Schnoopay schnoopay at
Sat Nov 1 05:03:24 PST 2003

 > Are you using moused?  Is this SMP or UP?  What CPUs are you using?
 > Thanks,
 > Jeff

I am having similar problems after my last cvsup (10-31-03) also using a 
USB MS Intellimouse. Mouse is slow to respond under ULE but fine under 
4BSD. The mouse feels like it's being sampled at a slow rate.

I am using moused, on a UP Athlon XP 1800+. I am running seti at home at 
nice 15, but kill the seti process made no notable difference. I failed 
to check objective performance as the interactive experience was truly 
difficult to work with and I just wanted to get my work done. =]


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