Lucent IBSS mode doesn't work in -CURRENT?

Eirik Oeverby ltning at
Thu Jul 31 23:51:51 PDT 2003


Are you sure? I believe the Win2k driver is still at the same level as
the XP driver - you probably just need to download a newer one.. Correct
me if I'm wrong. But I have a Sony Vaio thingie here with Win2k, and
I've used that one to upgrade all my cards (Lucent, Orinoco and Avaya
labelled - same card, different sticker). Can't recall which firmware
version, though. Can I see that from fbsd?


> > Oh and btw.. Get the *latest* firmware onto all your cards. That is
> > essential for anything to work right at all..
> >
> I'm stuck upgrading because my Windows 2K Lucent driver is too out of
> date for any of the newer firmware revs.  I believe I need at least
> rev 6.1 of the Win2K driver to run any of the firmware update tools. 
> How did you upgrade your firmware?  If anyone has the bits+pieces to
> rev firmware I'd like it so I can test the wi driver w/ different
> firmware revs.
> 	Sam

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