Lucent IBSS mode doesn't work in -CURRENT?

Sam Leffler sam at
Thu Jul 31 11:51:25 PDT 2003

> I have a few Orinoco cards, and they 'work' in both ad-hoc and
> infrastructure mode. However with dhclient it gets tricky, because it
> will only work the first time dhclient assigns an address to the card.
> Whenever it tries to refresh it or whatever, I start getting those
> timeout and busy bit errors, and network connectivity drops. This
> usually happens within a few minutes or latest after 30 minutes or so -
> probably depending on your dhcpd/dhclient configuration. Configuring a
> static IP lets me use the card, and it seems stable.

I recently tested adhoc mode 'cuz Greg said it didn't work and verified it 
worked for me with all my cards: Prism, Lucent (6.something firmware), and 
Atheros (5211, and 5212 in 11b talking to the Lucent and Prism cards).

I did not use dhclient.  Everything was statically configured.

> I am really glad someone else is seeing this, perhaps it can get fixed
> some day :)
> Oh and btw.. Get the *latest* firmware onto all your cards. That is
> essential for anything to work right at all..

I'm stuck upgrading because my Windows 2K Lucent driver is too out of date 
for any of the newer firmware revs.  I believe I need at least rev 6.1 of 
the Win2K driver to run any of the firmware update tools.  How did you 
upgrade your firmware?  If anyone has the bits+pieces to rev firmware I'd 
like it so I can test the wi driver w/ different firmware revs.


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