Who is responsible for the install check goo in Makefile.inc1

John Birrell jb at cimlogic.com.au
Wed Jul 30 00:46:42 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 10:37:29AM +0300, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> Sure, that would be a much better (and safer) approach.  Could you
> please send me your code as well, I'm interested in revieweing it.

I'd just like to add something like this before Peter's check that runs sh:

    @OSRELDATE=`sysctl -n kern.osreldate`; \
    if [ $$OSRELDATE -lt 500043 ]; then \   
        echo "The kernel you are running does not support the executables you are about to install!"; \
        echo "You need to install a new kernel and reboot before doing an installworld."; \
        echo "If you have already installed a new kernel, perhaps your loader configuration"; \
        echo "needs to be updated to reflect the fact that kernels are now installed below"; \
        echo "the /boot directory (not in the root directory."; \
        exit 1; \

> P.S.  Nice to see you're still in the FreeBSD business.  :-)

Actually I'm /only/ in the FreeBSD business. I've been concentrating on getting a
FreeBSD based product ready for release. I'm at the second prototype stage and
things are looking promising.

The SCO vs IBM case is a reminder of why I chose *BSD in the first place. I'm a
bit embarrassed that I haven't contributed more in the last year or so. At some
point I'll need to upgrade the product to 5.X, so I need to start working in that
direction. While I'm getting a current machine up and running I'd like to sort out
the uprade issues while I'm still prepared to trash the install.

Peter's grim reaper email is a regular reminder. I think I'm up to number 11. Hehehehe.

John Birrell

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