Remove "options HW_WDOG"?

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Jul 23 17:38:30 PDT 2003

this code WAS used in the interjet.
We had modules that linked in and just needed somewhere to hook into..
the hardware watchdog was held off by our software, but we needed to add
code to the core-dump routines to routinely call the watchdog hold-off
or we could never get a coredump because the watchdog would always go 
off before the dump was completed.

I doubt it is used by anyone any more but It's good that you asked..
I did notice some people were working on the watchdog support for the
chipsets that have a watchdog in them so I guess they wil have all their
own entrypoints.


On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Sean Kelly wrote:

> While working on my software watchdog, it has come to my attention that the
> "options HW_WDOG" in FreeBSD does absolutely nothing. does anybody actually 
> use this code, or can I purge it in favor of the software watchdog?
> /usr/src/sys$ find . -type f |xargs grep HW_WDOG
> ./conf/NOTES:options    HW_WDOG
> ./conf/options:HW_WDOG
> ./kern/kern_shutdown.c:#ifdef   HW_WDOG
> ./kern/kern_shutdown.c:#endif   /* HW_WDOG */
> All the bit in kern/kern_shutdown.c does is:
> watchdog_tickle_fn wdog_tickler = NULL;
> And I can't find that being used anywhere.
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