Remove "options HW_WDOG"?

Sean Kelly smkelly at
Wed Jul 23 16:03:19 PDT 2003

While working on my software watchdog, it has come to my attention that the
"options HW_WDOG" in FreeBSD does absolutely nothing. does anybody actually 
use this code, or can I purge it in favor of the software watchdog?

/usr/src/sys$ find . -type f |xargs grep HW_WDOG
./conf/NOTES:options    HW_WDOG
./kern/kern_shutdown.c:#ifdef   HW_WDOG
./kern/kern_shutdown.c:#endif   /* HW_WDOG */

All the bit in kern/kern_shutdown.c does is:

watchdog_tickle_fn wdog_tickler = NULL;

And I can't find that being used anywhere.

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