OT:escaping X barfings

Farid Hajji me at farid-hajji.de
Sun Jul 20 09:40:27 PDT 2003

> > CAn you tell me how a procedure how to patch X and kernel
> > to avoid X barfings from securelevel? My release is a FreeBSD 5.1.
> >                  2) adding `options APERTURE` to my kernel
> >                  3) make buildkernel && make install kernel && make
> > buildworld 4) reboot and face the music
> Do as you feel you must, but I installed 5.1-RELEASE and X from ports and
> it's running fine.  Are you starting from a terminal with 'startx' or do
> you start xdm at boot?  If you use startx, I believe you need to install
> x-wrapper to get around permission issues.

This is a FAQ. X needs to access /dev/io, which is not possible if
securelevel is raised. You need to startx/gdm and _then_ raise
securelevel. This is not flexible, because if X server crashes, you
can't start it again without rebooting.

OpenBSD provides an option 'APERTURE' which allows X to start
even when securelevel is >0. I wish we would have that as well...

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