OT:escaping X barfings

root at bofh.bg root at bofh.bg
Sat Jul 19 16:42:57 PDT 2003

Hello all!
CAn you tell me how a procedure how to patch X and kernel
to avoid X barfings from securelevel? My release is a FreeBSD 5.1.
I looked for patches, unfortunately they're more than a year old.Googled and
searched on MARC - nothing new under the sun. Therefore I suppose all works ok
in -CURRENT.I'm thinking of: 
                 1) CVSup src and ports to "."
                 2) adding `options APERTURE` to my kernel
                 3) make buildkernel && make install kernel && make buildworld 
                 4) reboot and face the music
Dimitar Vassilev - hobbyist and FDP-BG translator 

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