ufs2 snapshots in 5.1 still broken

Branko F. Gracnar bfg at noviforum.si
Sat Jul 19 14:41:23 PDT 2003

>I'm not use what you mean. The suspension of I/O during creation of a
>snapshot is the intended behaviour, but it doesn't take long. For example,

df -h 
/dev/xxxxx   813G   7.1G   741G     1%    /export

df -i
/dev/xxxx    853004856 7422014 777342454     1%  328978 148072812    0%   /export

~330k files. Size mostly about ~20-30 kbytes.

If i run dump -L (which creates snapshot) it runs for ever (machine doesn't respond even after 30-40 minutes). If i unplug power cable and turn on my machine again, then this filesystem will be checked by fsck and if background_fack in rc.conf is "YES", fsck will create snapshot and machine will boot, but after 2-3 minutes (background fsck starts 60 seconds after system boot) machine stop responding.

If i issue simple ls command it just hangs. You cannot even ssh to machine, becouse event network system stops responding.

Disks were formatted on a clean 5.0-RELEASE using sysinstall (using -O2 newfs option) during system installation and system was upgraded with cvsup/make build/installworld to 5.1-RELEASE

Maybe this is an issue and i should reformat my disks and everything will be fine again?

I have this problem on two machines. The third one with about 200k files boots okay, but this one was installed cleanly with 5.1-RELEASE.


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