ufs2 snapshots in 5.1 still broken

Branko F. Gračnar bfg at noviforum.si
Sat Jul 19 13:49:52 PDT 2003


I upgraded my home server to 5.1-release today with hope, that ufs2 filesystem snapshot issues will be fixed and working....

... but they are not. this is a serious issue, becouse background fsck is on by default, which reflects in creating filesystem snapshot on mounting not cleanly umounted device.

set background_fsck to "NO" in your rc.conf.

i've sent problem report in the early days of 5.0-Release, but nothing changed.

This only accours if there is alot (several 100 thousand) of small files on a filesystem.

During snapshot creation all userland I/O hangs until snapshot is made. Machine doesn't respond even on ping!. After snapshot is created, everything works okay. If you want to remove that snapshot file the same scenario is repeated.
Ideas, suggestions?


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