gcc-3.3 issues

Peter Kadau peter.kadau at tuebingen.mpg.de
Fri Jul 18 13:25:51 PDT 2003

Hi !

> What kind of enlightenment are you looking for?
0.17 e.g. 8-)) 
Seriously, I didn't mean to piss off anyone. 
Just wanted to learn about the *reason* of this incoherence.
I apologize if the irony was way too masked.

>  gcc mailing list address is not secret, I suggest you to take it 
> there if you feel so inclined. 
See above.

>  Wading though merge conflicts in texi files after each import 
> is hardly my idea of fun, but I will not stop you for trying :)
Well, how much worse is that compared to a `mergemaster -i' orgy
from a 4.2 to a 4.8 ? Ugh, don't, no, let me be, argh...

Sidestep: I *love* to see that my CPUTYPE=p4 is not downgraded anymore.


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