gcc-3.3 issues

Alexander Kabaev kan at freebsd.org
Fri Jul 18 12:56:47 PDT 2003

> ??? The info page doesn't say so.
> If one can't trust the GNU info pages - what a mess,
> considered that they refuse to maintain proper manpages either...
> Confused. Please enlighten me.

What kind of enlightenment are you looking for? gcc mailing list
address is not secret, I suggest you to take it there if you feel
so inclined. 

GCC _do_ maintain man pages, but in the manner which makes them
very inconvenient to import into FreeBSD repo. Since they are
now auto-generated from texinfo sources, we now need to merge 
local FreeBSD changes into .texi files. Wading though merge 
conflicts in texi files after each import is hardly my idea of
fun, but I will not stop you for trying :)

Alexander Kabaev

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