Installing on IBM BladeCenter HS20 (usb keyboard)

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Thu Jul 17 11:43:18 PDT 2003

Le Thursday 17 July 2003 09:56, Geoff Buckingham a écrit :

> Installing from floppy or PXE boot fails as syscons detects an at keyboard
> (probably to keep windows happy) and does not use the usb keyboard.


you might want to try an automatic install with "à la jumpstart", as described 
in <>

you will have to make some adaptations, as the man page is written for 4.x and 
not 5.x (there is at least an issue with the nfsclient.ko kernel driver).

you can also keep the described procedure and at least install 4.8 (safer)


PS : do not forget to google a bit, as there are other interesting articles on 
the subject

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