Installing on IBM BladeCenter HS20 (usb keyboard)

Geoff Buckingham geoffb at
Thu Jul 17 00:56:16 PDT 2003

HS 20 is IBMs Serverwork GC-LE dual Xeon blade, it managment chassis contains
usb floppy, cdrom, and usb to PS2 adapter for keyboard and mouse, these are
only ever avilable to one blade at a time.

I had a quick try to install from 5.1 iso this fails as the BTX loader can
not see the CD once loaded.

Installing from floppy or PXE boot fails as syscons detects an at keyboard
(probably to keep windows happy) and does not use the usb keyboard.

I have tried booting 4.8 as above, but also replacing the generic kernel
with one with no atkbd, this still fails to use the usb keyboard.

I didn't have a 5.1 machine to build a kernel with no at keyboard support. 
Is there a way to force sysinstall to use a usbkeyboard, without access to
the at keyboard or serial port.

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