errors using wi driver in -CURRENT

Eric Anderson anderson at
Wed Jul 16 07:58:06 PDT 2003

I only seem to have problems when trying to connect to access points or 
devices with authmode set to shared, but when I set everything to OPEN, 
but still use a WEP key, I can make it work (as a client, not as an 
access point).  I would agree something is seriously borked and really 
wish the authmode stuff would work.  I'm willing to help in any way I 
can, but I'm not much of a C programmer or driver hacker to begin work 
on it myself..


Soeren Schmidt wrote:
> It seems Bruce Cran wrote:
> Just to chime in here, I've spent 2 weeks of various trial and errors
> to get two Lucent Wavelan's (one 4.8, one -current) to talk to each other.
> Dispite my more or less futile experiments this would not work no
> matter what (even asking on -mobile and trying what came up there didn't help).
> Since I can use the cards perfectly between two 4.8 boxes (and have
> been for about 2 years), my take is that the wi driver in -current is
> borked useless, at least for some cards (It worked in 5.0 but broke on
> the way to 5.1 IIRC).
> just my .01 EUR...

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