Trouble with ACPI and ASUS MB

Doug White dwhite at
Mon Jul 14 22:08:33 PDT 2003

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Scott Robbins wrote:

> It didn't. For the heck of it, I then tried recompiling the kernel with
> the device acpi put back in, despite the possible dangers, but it didn't
> work either.  kldstat shows that the acip module is loaded.  The error
> that I get is ACPI timed out.
> ACPI power-off failed  - timeout
> The operating system has halted
> Press any key to reboot

Is this the only time you have problems?  If so, I'd count yourself
awfully lucky.

> Some googling has indicated that this problem might be confined to ASUS
> boards, but I'm not sure. My IRC friend suggested that I post the
> problem here and see if anyone had solutions.

This isn't enough information. We'd also need to see the dmesg from the
offending machine, with any and all ACPI error messages that may be

Using acpidump to extract the DSDT is also helpful in case someone asks
for it.

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