Trouble with ACPI and ASUS MB

Scott Robbins scottro at
Mon Jul 14 17:27:52 PDT 2003

I installed 5.1 RELEASE on a box with an ASUS A7A266 motherboard.  Not
having done enough reading, I had put device apm in the kernel and added 
apmd_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf.

The box wouldn't turn off in response to shutdown -p.  I then looked
through NOTES and added device acpi, which fixed the problem.

However, on IRC, someone with far more knowledge than myself mentioned
that this could be dangerous. As it is a test box, he asked that I cvsup
CURRENT and see if adding 

acpi_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf (and removing the apm stuff, as
well as the device acpi) would fix the problem. 

It didn't. For the heck of it, I then tried recompiling the kernel with
the device acpi put back in, despite the possible dangers, but it didn't
work either.  kldstat shows that the acip module is loaded.  The error
that I get is ACPI timed out.  

ACPI power-off failed  - timeout
The operating system has halted
Press any key to reboot

uname -a shows 5.1-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT #5: Tue Jul 15 00:23

Some googling has indicated that this problem might be confined to ASUS
boards, but I'm not sure. My IRC friend suggested that I post the
problem here and see if anyone had solutions.

Hopefully, I have given enough information--if not, please let me know.
In a nutshell, on RELEASE it would work if I included device acpi in the
kernel, but this doesn't work in CURRENT.

Please cc me as I'm not on this list.

Thank you very much for any help you can give--or at least point me in
the right direction to solve the issue.

Most sincerely,


Scott Robbins

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