Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5705M support

william paul wpaul at
Mon Jul 14 14:26:49 PDT 2003

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Boris Georgiev
had to walk into mine and say:

> Kenneth,
> As I already posted William, I have bad news - it doesn't work for me. I
> rebuilt kernel yesterday with
> the patched sources and the only thing that happened is that the kernel
> recognised the LAN card and
> after that it tried to upload the firmware on the NIC chip, but
> unsuccessfully.


First of all, the driver does not load any firmware into the chip.

Second, you're not supposed to tell me your interpretation of what
happened: you're supposed to cut&paste the messages into an e-mail
so that I can see for myself what happened.

Please show me all of the information that led you to your conclusion
that this alleged firmware upload failed.

> It gave me out
> an timeout message and didn't load the driver at all. I am sorry that at
> this time I cannot send
> the exact message from the kernel, but the notbook is at my office, so I
> will post it
> tomorrow if the output will help for finding out what the problem is.
> Best regards,

Ok, note to all reading this: if I ask for information and you don't
have the information available, don't bother sending me an e-mail
just to tell me that you don't have the information available. Wait
until you do have the information available, and then e-mail me. You'll
save precious time and electrons.


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