Regarding VMWare 3.0 Port and an odd bug that i've been getting over and over again...

Scott M. Likens damm at
Sat Jul 12 12:07:12 PDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 10:40, Scott M. Likens wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 07:51, Christopher Nehren wrote:
> > The "not implemented" error message suggests to me that the VM (in this
> > case, Win2K) is attempting to perform an operation that the emulation
> > software (or its underlying operating system -- in this case, Linux
> > 2.4.2 under FreeBSD emulation) doesn't know how to perform. I received a
> > similar message when attempting to install Windows XP on VMWare 2.x --
> > however, IIRC, mine didn't crash or require a hard reboot. My hypothesis
> > is that -- were this a real, modern Linux machine -- that operation
> > would succeed. However, since this is a binary emulation situation (one
> > that itself manages its own layer of binary emulation), and one that
> > more directly interfaces with the underlying hardware than most Linux
> > emulated programs, the likelihood for such an operation to fail
> > increases. As far as I understand it, the solution involves more fully
> > implementing the Linux emulation.
> Actually it's during shutdown that this bug occurs
> It's quite annoying on top of the 'rtc.ko' wanting to dump and creating
> a infinite loop panic at shutdown isn't that great either.
> I know i'm not the only person experiencing this, just the only person
> who cares.
> So i've come to this conclusion, I'll just need linux.
> You are right thought it's obviously a call it's making like sync() i
> imagine that we arn't implementing properly in the emulation.  So when
> VMWare try's to make this what should exist call, it's not really there
> and fudges up.
> Thus leaving crap in the kernel i imagine, and thus creating the
> problem.
> > Either this, or it could just be a plain bug in VMWare -- though I've
> > learned from experience that it's always best to blame oneself before
> > assuming others are at fault.

Nah it's still there with VFS_AIO compiled into the kernel.

Obviously it's more then meats the eye, but I don't know where it lacks
it, thus why I asked the list to see if I missed it.

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