Regarding VMWare 3.0 Port and an odd bug that i've been getting over and over again...

Scott M. Likens damm at
Sat Jul 12 10:40:15 PDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 07:51, Christopher Nehren wrote:
> The "not implemented" error message suggests to me that the VM (in this
> case, Win2K) is attempting to perform an operation that the emulation
> software (or its underlying operating system -- in this case, Linux
> 2.4.2 under FreeBSD emulation) doesn't know how to perform. I received a
> similar message when attempting to install Windows XP on VMWare 2.x --
> however, IIRC, mine didn't crash or require a hard reboot. My hypothesis
> is that -- were this a real, modern Linux machine -- that operation
> would succeed. However, since this is a binary emulation situation (one
> that itself manages its own layer of binary emulation), and one that
> more directly interfaces with the underlying hardware than most Linux
> emulated programs, the likelihood for such an operation to fail
> increases. As far as I understand it, the solution involves more fully
> implementing the Linux emulation.

Actually it's during shutdown that this bug occurs

It's quite annoying on top of the 'rtc.ko' wanting to dump and creating
a infinite loop panic at shutdown isn't that great either.

I know i'm not the only person experiencing this, just the only person
who cares.

So i've come to this conclusion, I'll just need linux.

You are right thought it's obviously a call it's making like sync() i
imagine that we arn't implementing properly in the emulation.  So when
VMWare try's to make this what should exist call, it's not really there
and fudges up.

Thus leaving crap in the kernel i imagine, and thus creating the

> Either this, or it could just be a plain bug in VMWare -- though I've
> learned from experience that it's always best to blame oneself before
> assuming others are at fault.
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